[140912] Myungsoo `My Lovely Girl` Poster shoot

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Youtube has blocked the video…

I’m really happy that Dongwoo was invited to appear on this episode since he doesn’t have many non group activities ^_^ However by appearing as Sungjong’s close/best friend it sort of suggests Sungjong doesn’t have many good friends outside of Infinite and the fact that they don’t have a TV doesn’t really make it easy for them to get to know what is current in the entertainment world…*rambles*

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Subbing for Super Idol Chart Show is finished! I’ll try and upload it either tonight or tomorrow ^_^

what major you're taking in uni? ^^

^^ Law keke thats the first time someone asked (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

Subbing 140905 Super Idol Chart Show once I get the video ^_^

Hi I wonder if you want subbing INFINITE Cultwo Show on 140730, no one has subbing the vidio u,u. Thank you so much

I’m thinking of doing it but the two MCs can be quite hard to sub kekeke

[eng] 140729 Infinite Sunggyu 4Things Show


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Subbing for 4things is done but please waot for encoding and upload ^_^

To those concerned about the fact 4Things with Sunggyu has already been subbed I’m only subbing it because of the requests I have received to (re)sub it…