4Things with Sunggyu will be subbed first hehehe

What would people like first?

14072 Sunggyu on 4Things


140604 Infinite on Sukira?

do you think you'll sub infinite on sukira during 140604? :c

Thats also on my maybe list ^_^

hello do you plan to sub infinite cultwo show 140730

Hi I probably won’t I find subbing that show quite annoying because the 2 mcs keep on talking over/repeating each other hehehe

Okay, I will not ask if you're going to sub it. I will beg you instead (LOL). I'M BEGGING YOU TO PLS SUB 'THANK YOU INFINITE THAT SUMMER 2.'

I think an infinite subbing group has done that ^_^

Hello, do you plan on subbing Sunggyu's 4Things episode?

Sunggyu on 4Things show is on my maybe sub list so nothing definite yet

Hi! I hope you can also sub [120817] Official G+ Hangouts – Peek Into INFINITE’s Hotel Room when you're free. Btw, all your subbed videos have been a great help for me when it comes to knowing Infinite more. Keep it up!

I’m sorry most likely I won’t sub this as it’s quite difficult to sub since some parts aren’t really too clear…

hihi. for shara shara, do you know which products come with myungsoo face on the packaging?? and how do youget a fan?

As far as I know only Sharala Mask is the only product with Myungsoo’s face on it and the fan is given when you spend over a certain amount I think 30,000 won but I think it’s limited